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shamrocks Hurling and Camogie club

The club was officially formed on 6th February at Father Flanagan’s pub in Smith Street Collingwood. It was decided that the team colours would be emerald green and white, reflecting the emerald fields of Ireland. A lot of hard work has been put into the fledgling club to get it up and running by it’s founding
members – some of whom have been committed members of Gaelic Park, providing unflagging support to both the park and Gaelic Sports in Australia for many years.

In Melbourne there has traditionally been more football than hurling, but with the entry of a new hurling team into the Gaelic Park season having sparked a competitive competition and greater

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The state games area being held in Melbourne this year. Everybody should come down to Gealic Park in Keysbourgh from 1st – 4th Oct

State Ball is being held in Eithad 4th Oct. All members are encouraged to attend. $150 includes 3 course dinner, 5hr bar and entertainment. Contact for more details


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State Games

2012 State Games are being held in Melbourne 1st – 4th Oct
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